Grey Hair

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Are you seeing more and more grey hair, although you are not that old.

Does your scalp age? Yes, our scalp is also part of our body, made up of skin. Studies have shown that our scalp ages the fastest – 12 times faster than the skin on our body and 6 times faster than skin on our face. external factors can speed up the rate of aging of our scalp. This results in the thinning of our scalp with lesser blood capillaries thus lowering nutrient and blood supply to the follicles.

We are surrounded by UV radiation and air pollutants, and at the same time extensive styling creates stress on our scalp which actively contributes towards the aging of our scalp. But as our scalp is covered by hair, we tend to neglect our scalp much more than our body or face skin. Our hair growth is about 1.25cm per month on a healthy scalp, but on an aging scalp, it is only 0.25cm per month, which is 80% less! Our hair follicle function also naturally diminishes over time, and each follicle has 25 cycles in its lifetime.

As a result, grey hair is one of the sign of aging as the hair follicles produce less melanin, the pigment that gives black colour to our hair.

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How can Retern Tricho-Blend help?

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A detailed hair & scalp analysis by certified hair care professional to understand the current scalp condition, lifestyle habits and environmental factors to determine the root causes to hair loss and provide a customised treatment plan.

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Retern Tricho-Blend® is a 4 phase professional treatment approach developed by our trichologists to identify the most ideal treatment for the hair loss condition.

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Tricho-Blend® Deeptox remove deeply imbedded impurities within pores and reduce inflammation of the hair follicles to allow regeneration of hair from the roots.

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Tricho-Blend® Nuhair awakens the dull and tired scalp and nourish the hair follicles and maximise the absorption of the Tricho-Blend® essences in the treatment.

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Tricho-Blend® Power Antioxidant CM+ to help strengthen the tissues within hair follicles. It contains strong anti-oxidant properties that enhance the scalp’s immunity system.

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A Daily Intensive Regime hair care routine will also be customised by our Specialist for each individual to use at home for a healthy scalp and gorgeous hair.

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